Set your hands free with a Hotpoint dishwasher and Finish…


Free your hands
Let’s be honest, there are better things to do with your hands than washing up dishes. A Hotpoint dishwasher can save you up to an hour a day, and set your hands free. Watch our new video for inspiration!

More hygienic dishes
A Hotpoint dishwasher with Finish will deliver a more hygienic and clean result, thanks to higher temperatures and more powerful detergents than hands can stand. A dishwasher also dries dishes, avoiding germs harboured by used tea towels.

Save water, energy and money
A leading appliance testing laboratory proved that dishwashers can use less water and energy than washing the same load by hand. Find out YOUR savings here.

Clutter-free kitchen
No-one likes coming home to a kitchen with grotty washing-up piled high. With a dishwasher you can quickly put dirty dishes out of sight and run it when full for hygienically clean dishes once again.

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